A big movie about tiny things.


THINK SMALL is a documentary that chronicles the unique and astonishing artistic hobby of miniatures. It is an art that reflects our common desire to capture a moment in time, whether fantasy, reality or a mix of both, and hold onto that moment in all its perfect detail, just as we see it -- or want to see it. In the world of miniatures, we give ourselves the power to return to that place as often as we want.

We are still very much in the production stages of the film and are open to exploring new storylines, so please contact us if you have a story you’d like to share. Scroll down for contact info.


Living and working in Chicago I became inspired by a local shop called, “Think Small by Rosebud” that sold miniatures, but also had a workshop in the basement where people worked on their dollhouses. As Mark Pallman (co-director) and I began to film in the workshop, we were immediately moved not only by the beauty and craftsmanship in these small homes, but the stories behind their existence - the desire to build a fantasy home that could not be achieved in real life, the preservation of a loved one’s memory, or the simple joy of creating something with your own hands.

“Think Small by Rosebud” has since closed its doors, and as a result, we struggled to find a newfound path and direction for the film. In 2014, the documentary has been completely revived thanks to the personal stories of my dear friend Lindsay and the lovely people at “The Tiny Dollhouse” in New York City. - Amanda Speva


Amanda Speva and Mark Pallman are commercial directors and short documentary filmmakers who live and work in Chicago at production company One at Optimus. THINK SMALL is their first major documentary film.


In 2015, we are as excited as ever about the stories we’ve captured and will continue to document. Our current plans entail building a trailer and launching a Kickstarter campaign sometime in the summer. We will continue to film throughout the year with the goal of completing the doc at the end of 2015, in time for festival season.